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Duck Neck

Duck Neck

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Size: 6-7 inches long per neck

  • Nutritious and low-fat dog/cat treat, makes them ideal for dogs on a low-fat diet or those prone to weight gain
  • Supports muscle development, joint health, and mobility support
  • Promote dental hygiene and mental stimulation
  • Free from artificial additives and highly palatable, making them a great option for picky eaters.
  • Sourced from USA, human grade meat.

We were searching for natural dental chews for small dogs and came across duck necks. BooBoo loves these chews, it takes her about 20 mins to finish half a neck. Momo usually devours it within 5-10 mins. It removes all the tartar on their teeth, keeps their gum healthy and they have amazing breath! It's crunchy, delicious, and also helps with joint support. We usually give Momo one neck and BooBoo half a neck once a week as a rewarding chew.

We use this treat as: reward snacks/ dental chews.

Recommend to: all dogs & cats. Recommend cutting it into smaller pieces for smaller pets.

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Treat Size

5-10 mins chew

need to break in half, 20 mins chew

Chewy or Crunchy?




1 neck/week

half a neck/week

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