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Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

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20 chicken feet per bag.

  • Beneficial for joint health and mobility in dogs
  • High in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy snack option that can help maintain your dog's weight
  • Help promote good dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar buildup
  • Natural and minimally processed treats, free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • Sourced from USA, human-grade meat

We started making our own chicken feet because the store-brought chicken feet often have a strong chemical smell and the dogs didn't like them. Our chicken feet are so crunchy, it's like watching an ASMR video, but in real life. We like to give Momo and BooBoo chicken feet as reward treats because they are good for joint health and have low calories. It is also big enough to use as a mini dental chew, but small enough that both of them can finish it within 5 mins. For extra safety, all nails from the chicken feet are clipped off. We usually give Momo 3-5 feet and Booboo 1-2 feet a week. 

We use this treat as: training treats/ reward snacks/ mini dental chews.

Recommend to: all dog sizes.

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Treat Size

2 min chew

5 min chew

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3-5 pieces/week

1-2 pieces/week

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