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Beef Liver BULK

Beef Liver BULK

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  • Dehydrated beef liver is a highly nutritious and low-fat dog treat
  • Provides essential protein, vitamins, and minerals for muscle development, immune system support, and healthy skin and coat
  • Natural and minimally processed snack, free from artificial additives, and highly palatable, making it ideal for picky eaters or as a training or rewarding treat
  • Sourced from USA, human grade meat

BooBoo is an extremely picky eater and she loves beef liver. It's crunchy, it smells delicious, and most importantly, Booboo loves it! If you have a picky eater and are looking for treats that he/she will enjoy, this is the one. If they don't like it, we will offer full refunds. That is how confident we are. Beef liver has been a huge hit with all the dogs. Strongly recommend ordering them before it's sold out. We usually give Momo 2-3 pieces and BooBoo 1 piece a day

We use this treat as: training treats/reward snacks

Recommend to: all dog sizes.

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4-5 pieces/ bi-weekly

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