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Barkcuterie Box

Barkcuterie Box

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The Chicken Pack includes:

  • 1 oz of chicken & spinach
  • 1 oz of chicken hearts
  • 1 oz of chicken strips

The Pork & Beef Pack includes:

  • 1 oz of beef liver
  • 1 oz of pork loin
  • 1 oz of pork & sweet potato

We love to go on picnic trips with Momo & BooBoo. This Barkcuterie box is perfect for us to bring different types of treats and also take cute pictures! 

These dog treats are a great option for outdoor activities like picnics and camping because they are low in fat, high in protein and nutrition, and can help keep your furry companion healthy and energetic during outdoor adventures. The treats come in a convenient eco-friendly and picture-friendly box that is easy to transport and store, without worrying about them getting smushed or damaged. Additionally, the cute design of the box can add a fun and Instagram-worthy element to your outdoor photos! Sourced from USA, human grade meat.

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