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6" Bully Sticks (Odor Free) BULK

6" Bully Sticks (Odor Free) BULK

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Each bully stick is 6 inches long!

  • Natural & healthy chew option for dogs.
  • 100% beef pizzle, high in protein, and low in fat.
  • Highly digestible, helps with dental hygiene, reduces anxiety, and is a healthy outlet for natural chewing instincts
  • Odor-free bully sticks have strong and unpleasant odor removed, making them a more pleasant choice for pet owners

We used to buy bully sticks from Costco. Momo loves it so much, but then her breath drives us crazy. It turned into a big drama where Momo is not allowed to give kisses for 24 hours after chewing the sticks. So, we searched around and taste-tested for 6 months and finally found the supplier for these odor-free bully sticks. Momo loves it and it is truly odor-free!  

We use this treat as: long lasting chew.

Recommend to: all dog sizes.

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Treat Size

20 mins chew

can never finish it, and Momo steals it from her.

Chewy or Crunchy?




3-4 sticks/week

1 stick/week

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